Friday, December 26, 2008

Anxiety + Confusion + Boredom + Irritation = ?????

Anxiety + Confusion + Boredom = Swiss Trip in March 2009

Yup - thats Ady's status - well he s lucky that at least all the confusion and boredom ended well with a plan for an amazing trip to Swiss ...

Unlike me 8(

Anxiety + Confusion + Boredom + Irritation = ?????

This pretty much sums up the my current state of mind ....I have no clue where this frustration will lead to ...

I am so bored of not having to do any thing to do right now - yeah ,you read it right !!

Last few weeks i was so busy preparing for the exam that now I am so bored of sitting idle ... Just waiting for the wedding shopping to begin - i m sure the huge shopping bills will make me happy 8)

Then the anxiety of my results - well.. just two more days to go n I will know where I stand .. Wish me luck .....

Never mind - I hope like Ady , the end result is something good .....and the new year starts with good note ....


PS : Thanx to Ady for letting me borrow his posts tittle :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

New life in progress ....

And so .. I found my self at crossroads yet again.And after lot of taxing to my brain I finally decided what's next in my life …..oops .. my ‘new’ life …

Lacking anything more productive to do,I first decided to update my seriously outdated blog.And yet I was sad to discover that I had very little to add or you could say there were too many things that I dint want to add …

Either ways,I’m beginning to think that change is good and I was missing this outlet(to express what I feel) for sometime now …. And I think its time to bring the outlet back !!

Apart form getting back to writing new posts - I'll be working on giving my blog a new look too .... Please giving your feedback about tat separately :)

Aha .. so apart from Manga’s wedding .. what else has been happening ? Well.. couple of more weddings - all my friends …. Some I could attend .. n some I couldn’t ….Sorry to those whose wedding I couldn’t make it too … :(

And now … the decision – well the job scenario pretty much sucks here in India(like all other places), and also I think that this is the right time for me to change my line of work .. and this thought had been running in my mind for sometime now n I guess its time I act on it !

So, now I’ve decided to move from the technical line and move to management … haan .. heard it rite !! Uske liye MBA karna hoga .. and that’s exactly what I am planning to do … :)

So , this month I have a lot of things lined up –
my MBA exam(i am tired of preparing for it),
then dad s treatments last phase (we are happy that the chemos are coming to an end)
some planning for bro’s wedding (oh.. yeah I am desperately waiting for March – tats when his wedding is )
so on the whole a new life – with no strings attached from the past …..

That makes me happy. And that makes my family also happy 

Well tats it for now – I’ve got to get back to my exam prep – not many days to go for my exam !! Wish me luck …

Monday, December 1, 2008

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Nah .. This post has nothing to do with the Shah rukh starer movie .....

Its a means for me to Congratulate two of my closest friends who very recently were united as one ...None other than my Sweethearts Manga and Sameer .. Aakhir Rab ne unki jodi bana hi di ..

I've known them separate and I've known them together and seeing them together makes the feeling all the more strong that LOVE is the most beautiful thing to happen and there is nothing more rewarding than getting married to the one you love ....

I have no words to express how I felt when I was seeing them get married,the tears in my eyes said it all.. Hadn't seen them this happy ever ... Sweethearts - I wish you all the best for your future and may your love increase with each passing day ...

Finally .. a few more words to wish u guys -

Your happiness begins
With your wonderful wedding day.
You’ll share everything together;
Through it all, your love will stay.

And if life hands you challenges,
As it does to one and all,
Your love will hold you steady
And never let you fall.

I wish for you sweet happiness;
Through the years, may your love grow,
To warm you both from day to day,
In your marriage’s satisfying glow.

PS : For original poem - please wait .... work in progress .. hehehe .. :P

Love you guys!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something that inspires me......

I've tacked the following lines on my cupboard - and whenever my heart needs an uplift I read it again and again.....

If I can endure for this moment
whatever is happening to me,
No matter how heavy my heart
or dark the moment be.

If I can keep on believing

what I know in my heart to be true,

Then darkness will fade into morning

and with this will dawn a new day ,too.

PS: These lines are not my work... they are someone else s thoughts but nonetheless they express exactly I've been through....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I still love you ....

Here's my new poem .. well, not really new - I had started penning it long time ago but for some reason could not complete it ... Dedicated to someone really close to me ....

When I close my eyes, fear grips me tight
Thoughts about you, leaves me sleepless at nights.

Dint want to let you go, I wish you could just stay,
Dint want to move away from you, and this feeling becomes strong each day .

Things happen for wrong reasons, things happen for better
When I said we’d part our ways, sweet memories turned bitter.

Everything went downhill; where did it all go wrong?
I still think about you, and listen to our only song .

I am not supposed to wonder where you are and what you do
But am I still here writing and thinking about you .

I am not supposed to love you; I am not supposed to care
I am not to live my life wishing you were there

I probably broke your heart, and I think I broke mine too
I don’t know how to say this, but I think I still love you…..


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kismat Konnection

Rosary Convent School,

Year : 1996-2000 (Class 5th – 10th)

Two girls – in fact classmates belonging to the same group (yellow group), performed together for annual functions; friends who had fun memories to cherish all their lives.

2000 – the year they passed out and then sadly no contact at all .

8 years later , who would have thought that they would meet again and end up becoming more than friends – all thanx to Apoorv.

Yes….. the two girls are Bhavana and me. And now I can proudly say that she is not just my friend but Bhabi too…. I’d always thought that my bhabi should be one jiske saath I can share all my thoughts,concerns – always wanted her to be more like a friend than a bhabi and I am so glad ke now Kismat ne hume Bhabi and Nanand bana diya …..

Wah !! Kya “Kismat Konnection” hai !!

So happy for both of them ….

(Bhavana n Apoorv)

Oops , another reason why the posts name is 'Kismat Konnection' is that 1 and 1/2 yesr pehle bhi Bhavana bhabi ka match aaya tha for bhaiyya but sadly we dint proceed coz he wasnt ready then - but 'Kismat' ne dono ka 'Konnection' pehle se plan kiya tha and now they are "Konnected" for ever !!!!!

Love you guys !!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Saanthwana:Baggi's Bday Celebrations

To keep you posted with Saanthwana events - I am here posting the pictures of the event recently organised by Team Saanthwana on June 10th on the occasion of our founder J.Bhagirath's birthday.

Kids fom Spoorthi and Aaradhna Foundations were invited and needless to say the day was a memorable one - except the fact that Baggi was being missed by one and all.

With the hopes that Team Saathwana would continue to walk on the path shown by you , I wish your soul rests in peace dear bro . I miss you .

"Aapa" forever.

Request to all :
Pease visit the website for the latest on Saanthwana.
Also , in case you want to contribute to Saanthwana and be a part of it , please transfer your tokens of love to the following bank account. Your help would be appreciated.

Name of the Bank : State Bank Of Hyderabad,Vidyanagar branch.
Account Number : 62057354453

Come be a part of the joy !!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Memories Revisited (part 2)

Saturday. 26th April.

We had plans of starting early that day with the intention of spending the entire day in the cool waters of Sangam , but fate had some other plans for us . Due to the amazing navigation skills of Siri and Feroz and lil sense of direction of Madhu (well, I cant really blame the poor guy – he dint have much clue abt the city) there was a nice mix-up and poor Madhu even after coming to Blore early in the morning could make it to the guy’s “adda” only at 10.

Packed into a Qualis. Ten of us.We hit Kanakpura Road at about 12 in the afternoon. It was very hot and it looked like the “suraj bhagwaan” was in his full form.But ,we were lucky that he changed his minds!
As we made our way towards Sangama (confluence point of the Cauvery and Arkavathi) about 100 kms from Bangalore, we were treated to some lovely weather. The sun played hide and seek for some time. There’s beautiful scenery on both sides of the road(except that the road was not that good).
[ @ Sangam - the guys having fun ]
Unfortunately, it is littered with plastic and is quite dirty. The journey in this case is actually much more beautiful than the destination.

Now since we started late , by the time we reached we were all very hungry – and guess what aaj ka khana ladkon ne banaya tha :) Yummy food the guys made – totally loved it !!
[ @ Sangam again - few more shots ]

After lunch, we got into the Cauvery river (couldn’t help noticing that even near the water, it was all dirty). People obviously have a good time here and don’t bother to clean up after they leave. Even campaigns like this have not helped increase people’s awareness towards the environment(although I made sure that my gang dint litter around - they knew I would turn wild if I’d see them litter the place.)

Our actual plan was to visit Mekedatu (Goat’s leap) which is 4 kms walk from Sangam. Due to the intense heat of Sun god, we decided to spend most of our time at Sangam itself. Though the water level was only up to waist (except few places where it was chest deep) level, it was flowing with good speed. We needed to be little careful to make sure that we don’t slip off the stones and hurt ourself.We sat in that pool of water for a couple of hours singing, shouting, playing, just staying quite ......and it really was a great experience.

Infact we also ended up playing cricket and I must say we girls were so much better than the guys !! (We never gave them a chance to bowl or bat – they were meant only for fielding … hehehe )[Unfortunately we forgot to take the pics then :(]

And since everyone (excluding me ofcourse) in the group were lazy to trek – we took the bus uphill .Well, this journey in the bus was no less than trekking – imagine an old wrek carrying about 60 odd ppl with no place to stand and the route being really horrible .Personally I would have preferred the climb but these lazy bones!!!!

Snaps in order : Snap 1,2,3,4 - Mekadattu
Snap 5 : Satish and Kondal striking a pose :P
Snap 6 : Our Gang @ mekadattu

The final destination was good – although it exactly was not a place for us to camp ( it had loads of monkeys). I was busy admiring the place when suddenly I felt someone jump behind me .I turned only to find 2 monkeys staring at me.It nearly took me by surprise – I was at the edge of the cliff and you had this water flowing below with lots of force and I must confess I had no clue what I would do if it had come n e more near me..

And all it cared for was a last saved biscuit packet!!

Horrid monkey!!

Well , with the monkey adventure behind us – we left Mekadattu and left for Chinchu falls (it was getting dark by then).We were a bit sceptical abt the presence of water there. When we reached the place, we couldn’t find any water in the vicinity. But there were these couples who were enjoying themselves there . For couples it doesnt matter whether water exists or not , for them each other exist and thats enough ;)

We walked back towards our Qualis and it was like a huge trek back to the place.

Though all of us were a little tired, we still had that last dreg of enthusiasm left and soon got down at this place on the way back which seemed like brick kilns in the middle of the fields and took a couple of snaps !!

[snap 1 : On the roads !!! Snap 2 : Teddy n me @ war !! snap 3 : My deepest desire , killing feroz ..:P ]
On the way back to Bangalore we had a great ride , especially at the time of sun set . I was just watching sun going down and the different colours in the sky. It was a great sight to see blue sky as background over the green fields and watching the white birds flying against the orange sun. It was just tooooooo good.

Hoping to have many many more such trips with my gang(seems to be sort of impossible since most of us are inline to get married soon :()

Three cheers Satish,Feroz and the gang ...... But for u guys i wud have missed so much in life.....

[ some more pics ............. ]

PS : You must be wondering if I did any shopping , well Blore visit w/o shopping I s incomplete so don’t worry I would never do such a blunder . I did end doing lots of shopping there (if I would have returned empty handed my office frnds Sandhya and Padmini would have slaughtered me and I had no intentions of dying without getting married!!!)

Memories Revisited (part 1)

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa ……

Time for another post … ab I know that the frequency of my posts have reduced but you must understand yaar – ab meri engagement hogayi hai and I will have some useful work to do like talking over the phone, talking over the phone and talking over the phone ;)

So, kindly adjust. :) And like I had promised you , I am now going update you with my Blore trip ...

First of all , we had been planning for this trip for a long time now , but due to Dad's health and then office work I would always end up cancelling it ( much to Siri's disappointment).But this time I had made up my mind that this trip would be a success .

Now, I hadnt been to Blore after I moved out from there in Nov last year and so technically this was goin to be my first visit after I quit Trianz and you can easily guess that I was at the peak of excietment from a week before the scheduled departure.
The whole journey to Blore in the train went with me and Siri reminiscing the good ol'days we spent last year together with our gang at Blore. Needless to say both of us spent the whole night talking about hostel days , the night outs , shopping sprees , Trianz - our SCOSTA team ,our Gang , the weekend trips out of BLore , cafeteria gossips ... almost everything .

I was in Blore for 3 days(25ht April to 27th April) – but I must say even those 3 days weren’t sufficient for me and my heart longed for more .

So – what fun did I have there ??

Well, for starters, I went back to my old hostel – felt so unusual. The same old place, your beds, your cupboards but just that somebody else was using them now and I must say I was not pleased with the person using it.…(my heart was aching to see my bed all cramped up with useless stuff) . But the highlight of the stay at hostel was that because of our stay(I am giving this entire credit to Siri and me - so the others chill !!), the entire hostel junta got yummy food for the weekend :) hehehe …

Then we got a chance to visit Trianz . It was so odd – you walk into the company you’ve worked for (infact first job in my case) but this time with a VISITORS PASS !! :(

Nevermind –my joy knew no bounds when the first person I ran into was none other than Harry Potter ( Deepak Kemchemba) , my PM at Trianz . Then just like old days I went about the entire office meeting everyone - disturbing them from their work (well.. I dint mind doing it - I was used to it you see , I used to do this a lot during my Trianz Days for Cultural events work). It was so fun meeting everyone .

Then came the sad part - when I visited my floor and my cubicle( I call it "THE DEN", it was here that I spent my time thinking of innovative ideas).Once full of life – it was now dead with no one occupying it .

Those were the days – when it was alive with posters that I used to design with upcoming Cultural events in the office , with "post its" of some quotes I loved , photographs and loads of other smart cards stuff around my system…. My Den was empty now - lifeless like I said. (although I doubt , if I could bear anyone else occupying it) .

And there was this visit to the cafeteria – where I am still remembered as “Raichur madam” and unlike others I was treated to the mast buttermilk that I loved during my days at Trianz.

I loved my visit to Trianz – it really did take me back to the days I can never forget – days of unlimited fun with my team, SCOSTA LAB, smart card work, cultural team events, cafeteria gup-shup and so much more … I miss Trianz, I miss my friends there !!

Snaps in order from top :
Snap 1 : My Den - now lifeless :(
Snap 2 : Me in my Den
Snap 3 : My Gang in cafeteria
Snap 4 : Again - with gang in the cafeteria
Snap 5 : Good old days - my SCOSTA team ( my last day @ Trianz )

Oh yeah - I forgot to mention the wonderful lunch that I had with my hostel gang ( Usha will kill me if I dont mention it , you see it was her treat :P)

Snaps in order from top :
Snap 1 : Pratibha , Siri and Mallika
Snap 2 : Teddy doing her best job - mujhe khana khilana :)
Snap 3 : With Teddy , Tina and Usha.
Snap 4 : Yummyyyy ... my ice cream ( I dont remember the name though ... but I do remember Teddy attacking my ice cream for her stupid alphonso ice cream wasnt good enough !! )

Enough of Trianz and Trianz junta ki baatien - next is the trip to Sangam , Meka Dattu and Chinchu falls with my Gang . :)

Coming up in next post !!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yohoooooooooo..... :)

Hello dear Junta – I am back again with yet another post :)

The last week had been really hectic and I had no time to spend updating the blog – I have a lots n lots of stuff to update u abt ..Like I said an exclusive post abt Blore trip and haan - the imp event that was to happen …

Well – First things first … the imp event did happen but I wouldn’t wanna share it this way – still working on how to put that post coz its one special one – so u’ll have to wait a lil longer ;)

So wait till the next post !!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thinking of you ..

Well .. well .. If you've been wondering where I had dissappeared for a while - I was off to Blore for the weekend and what a weekend it was !! Had the best of time wth my friends from Trianz - but more of that later ( a spl post just dedicated to BLore trip with exclusive photos coming soon)...

So what else has been hapeening in my life apart from the usual 9-6.30 job and the amazing trip to Blore ?? Well , there is something really imp shaping up .. so stay tuned to my blog ;)

But for now its just these few words --

Thoughts of you creep into my head,
Late at night as I lay silently in my bed.

I imagine what it'll be like ,
Meeting you for the first time.
Will it all be new and scary ?
Or like I've known you for a lifetime ?

I walk across my room ,thinking of you
How far across you seem to be
I sit and I think,while thinking of you
Are you even thinking of me ?

My stomach aflutter,
with butterfly wings.
Emotions and thoughts,
and so many other things.

Knowing I already like you,
praying you like me too
Hoping to get along fine
I trust in your heart,but do you trust in mine ?

Thoughts of you creep into my head,
Late at nights as I lay silently in bed.

- Megha.

And like I said for more from my side - STAY TUNED TO MEGHA's DIARY !!

Monday, April 14, 2008

To Sonu .. With Love

I don't have anything to say this time - just that 5 years ago , 17th April 2003 I lost my best buddy SONU and I just wanted to dedicate this poem to him .

Sunlight streams through the windowpane,
unto a spot on the floor,
then I remember - it's where you used to lie,
but now you are no more.

I remember how you’d run to me
to play your favorite game,
And how your ears would perk right up
on hearing me call your name.

You’d wake me up each morning,
By licking on my face
You’d run around me in circles;
In your fast pace.

You’d jump on me as soon as I come
We’d roll together on the lawn
If anyone tried to separate us
You'd let out a loud moan.

You always knew;
If I were having a bad day
so you'd snuggle up close to me;
And try to get me to play.

If that didn't work;
You’d put your head in my lap
then make yourself comfortable;
And take a sound nap.

You’d always lend a thoughtful ear,
A problem you’d never miss.
I miss the way, on my cheek
You’d lay a little doggy kiss.

Old habits still make me think ,
I hear a barking at the door.
Or step back when I drop ,
a tasty morsel on the floor.

My feet still go around the staircase
where the food dish used to be,
I still sit on the terrace all alone,
Thinking you are still listening to me.

It still pains me that I was not with you
On your last day
I wish I had one last chance to do something
That would have made you stay.

I wish somehow to tell you,
how empty I now feel.
A part of me went with you,
a part that time can't heal.

Although time may bring new friends
and a new food dish to fill,
that one place in my heart belongs to you
and always will.

-Megha .

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rest In Piece (oops tat was PEACE ) [Part 2]

I haven’t been able to come out of the depression over the loss of my beloved cell phone , but nonetheless I had to write this second part for the previous post – for the particular post would have been incomplete without this continuation.

So , apart from the Obituary I have written here for my love – my CELL PHONE, I had to let my family and friends know about it , so here is the mail that I had sent to all of them.
Vishesh Suchana : Cell Phone ki mrityu
8th April,Infotech Enterprises,Hyd.
Ek vishesh suchana ke anusaar bataya jata hai ke kal shaam 4 'o'clock ko ek durghatana mein Megha ke cell phone ki mrityu ho gayi.
Megha ki sthiti kafi gambhir hai kyon ki cell phone ke saare contact numbers ja chuke hai.
Toh aapse nivedan hai ke - Kripya apna kuch samay cell phone ko shradhanjali arpit karte hue , apna landline yevam mobile number Megha ko neeche diye email id ya phone number pe msg kare.

Email id : or
Phone no : ********** (sorry - dint wanna disclose here )

Now… what do you think were the replies to this mail ..? well … here they are:

IC :
Hum abhi abhi office ko pahunche aur ye sunkar ki aapka mobile ki mrityu ho gayi.. hamko bahut bahut kushi hui…krupaya abhi ek aur ACHCHA mobile kharid le aur usko ACHCHE sa maintain kare..

(well Sweety.. I knew you’d be happy .. u were always Jealous of my phone ..But on a serious note I would definitely want to buy another one if you’ll lend some money ..Kab chale naya phone lane?? )

Suddhu :
(now.. this reply had to be a lil HATKE coz suddhu was the other creative mind in my team back at Blore)
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmm ( tat was OM )
hame atayant dukh hua aapke cell phone ki dhukhad wyatha(condition) sunke cell phone ki jagah(place) to koi nahi le sakta .. par jane wale ko kon rok sakta hai .. ye nashwar yoni(mortal ) hai jisme is dunia me aana .. aur isse jana laga raheta hai .. cristi (nature) ka ye hi niyam hai ...... aapke in dukh ke samay hum aapke saath hai ........

bhagawan aapke cell ki aatma ko shati pradan kare.. aur use moksya ki prapti ho ...
waise ye dukhad ghatna kaise hui jara wistar se varnan kijia ..
hum aake nae cell ke lambi umar ki aur ugwal bawish ki kamna karte hai ....

Divi :
“Oh ho! Bahut dukh hua. Ye achanak kaise ho gaya? Aap apna khayal rakhna. Asha karti hoon ki aap sadme se bahar nikal gayi ho .”

Dr MohanPyaare :
“Hame bahut gam hua apke Chalti Phirti Doorvaani yatntra ki mrityu ke bare mein jankar...bhagwan aapko is bure vakt se jhujne ki himat de.”

aapke cell phone ki mrityu ki khabar sunke hamein behat dukh hua... shaayad aapko andaaza hain ki hamari unse kitna gehra rishtha tha. hum alpapindum mein jaa rahein hain, aisa lagta hain...”

----------- Now , apart from these heart-warming messages I feel its important to tell you how my parents took this news .

I had made mom read the post and her immediate reaction was (mind you, she dint even complete reading the post.. she was still in the middle)

WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY YOU”VE NEVER TOLD ME ABT ?? WHAT S THIS? ( more than the words her expressions would have made you laugh )

Also , another well – wisher YEDA was sweet enough to mail me his condolence .It went as follows :

“a bee yedii... teri thoo... kya bee story banaa kee rakhi ree voo.. Cell Phone see pyar, kaise bee logg hein ree baava.. yee Cell love kya hotha ree bhaii.. ??

india aanedhe mujhe, tere bee accident karvaadoonga mein.. yedi yedi,, yedi kahinkii...”
(What a lovely well wisher na – kya kahoon hum dono ki dosti hai hi itni pyaari )

Baki logon ne sahaubhuti jatate hue – apne cell phone numbers hume bheje .In sabhi messages ke liye aap sabko humari taraf se dhanyavaad .

Keep in touch --- n this time I’ll make sure my love s with me through out my life :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rest In Peace(my love) - An Obituary .

My brother introduced us to each other during my final year of Engg ; I still remember the day . He had told me about his arrival long ago but his coming to Hyd had been postponed for some reason I cannot recall now …

Finally, the day arrived and I was informed that he would be coming home. At last, I was going to meet about whom I had heard so much, and had longed to be with. I came home early that day from college (well.. it was obvious that I was restless the whole day at college ). So, I reach home and there he was sitting with my bro. I was so happy on seeing him that I stole him away from my brother and ran-off with the intention of spending time with just him and nobody disturbing us.

We immediately hit it off… a sort of special bonding formed between us…when he was with me I never felt the need to look around and this helped me to concentrate on the little studies that I managed to do… Well .. he was a lil dark , but I guess that’s what made him more attractive to me .. I still remember Gagan ,IC and other friends feel jealous coz I would try spending all my time with him ..Be it short break, or the lunch – every free time I got from the classes were dedicated to him and only him …

Even after reaching home , I would dedicate most of my free hours to him – so much that mom n dad would get really angry with me for spending so much time with him.

And why shouldn't he deserve all the attention he got?? He did so much for me .. he would listen to me when I wanted to talk for hours .. Sing my fav songs to me, leave me love notes, sometimes he even took snaps for me …no matter how I behaved – how many ever tantrums I did , he would always support me in everything. He showered with so much love and affection that I can never thank him enough for it …

My friends would say I can get a better one – they gave me 101 advices to keep me away from him but nothing could separate us. Our love for each other was so true that I never really cared for any one else.

In all this 2 and half years that I have known him, my love for him increased with every moment I spent with him.I cannot think of any moment where I was angry with him and dint want to see him …

I can recall another incident in B’lore where Rohit had taken him away for a nite-out.That was one of the worst nites of my life , I couldn't sleep all nite and kept thinking about him all nite and trust me the next day happened to be the worst day in Rohit’s life . Even today I cannot spare Rohit was keeping me away from my love.

Such was our love for each other …

But today … he’s met with an accident. And as I write this, I have tears in my eyes. Every attempt to revive him has been in vain. Any number of attempts to bring him back in to my life has become unsuccessful.

I have to bid him goodbye.. Its time I should let go off him ..

Everyone’s saying I’ll find another one – a better one perhaps, but deep down in my heart I know I am never going to find anyone else who is so caring, loving, affectionate …I know I cannot love anyone else as much as I love him ..

Hope your soul rests in peace and remember that there is this girl who always loved you no matter what happened.

I am going to miss you .. I always love you my dear CELL PHONE !!

PS : A request to all my friends , pls mail me / msg me your contact numbers as I have lost all the numbers :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Are you a "SYMPRA" ?

It was just another ordinary day at college,where you'd find IC (or Stuart Little) and me standing in the corridor and checking out our DUMB coll guys (well.. there was nothing like checking out the guys coz they were really DUMB ... but I just felt like writing ;) )

Yeah.. so we were kinda getting bored and then suddenly I had this wicked grin on my face,IC knew there was something going on in my mind.The next few mins were spent in planning the conspiracy but the problem we were facing was - who would be the "BAKRA" ??

All decided, we walked into the classroom and Aha ... there she is , our very own sweet and adorable Vids ( who by the way was busy copying an already copied assignment ). So, with the most innocent expressions on our faces we sat on either side of her and the following conversation took place -

ME : Vids .. busy ?? We need to tell you something.

VIDS : (without lifting her her.. still copying ) Yeah .. keep talking ..

IC : Vids , we heard these CSE guys .. well.. we don't really know them .. but we heard them say u know ... Megs .. tu continue yaar.. I really cant tell her ....

ME : Er... Me ??? No .. Tu bol.. Its not really good ...

[ Finally , this distracts Vids from the assignment and she looks up]

VIDS : Girls , what is it that you are trying to say ?

ME : We heard these guys say something they shouldn't have said . Its not good , you see . I wonder what made them say so . I am sorry dear .

IC : Yeah .. N I wish I knew those guys .. couldn't even see their faces ( with a disappointed look on her face ) .

[By now.. Vids seems a lil worried and confused ]

VIDS : Would just come to the point and tell me straight away what those guys said ?

ME : ( With the most innocent expression ) they called you a "SYMPRA".

VIDS : A what ??

IC : Yeah .. A SYMPRA ...

VIDS : [who was all the more confused now.. ] Whats a SYMPRA ?

IC : Er... SYMPRA ?? You don't know what a SYMPRA means ?

ME : Seriously ??

VIDS : Yeah .. Tats not even a word ..

IC : ( with a sorry face ) No yaar ... It is .. Now how do we tell you what it means.. I cant.. I really cant . All we can tell you is its really bad ...

ME : Hmm.. IC's right .

[This discussion went on for another 2 mins , until she turned to YEDA and asked him ..]

VIDS : oye , what does a SYMPRA mean ?

Well .. he too had no clue what sympra really meant .. And soon, the "SYMPRA" issue spread faster than fire and by evening the whole class was trying to find out what it meant.

The next day , (with help from Google as well as Oxford dictionary )since everybody had conceded defeat in tracing out the meaning of the word (which we were so confidant about ) , our hard work ( yes.. I call it hard work , coz it was really difficult to control ourselves) was rewarded as YEDA presented us with TEMPTATIONS.

YEDA : Yeah . So whats SYMPRA ?

VIDS : Haan re.. I am really worried now.. I've tried tracking down the guys too ( which by the way we had provided her with false descriptions ) but was unable to ...

What is it girls ???

IC and ME : Well.. Its actually NOTHING .. and like you said .. its not even a word until now ...
It was just another word ( which of course is the innovation of MEGs ) we wanted to fool you with .. but dint know we'd end up fooling majority of the class ... :)

Trust me .. we really had to do odd things for the rest of the day to save ourselves from their wrath ... But I would never forget this incident - It was our way of celebrating "All Fools Day" ( April 1st ).

That was then .. and now after 5 years since then another April 1st went by ,but this time it was just another ordinary day at work .

I miss college days . I miss the pranks we played in college . I miss my friends.

N e ways .. here s wishing all the "SYMPRA"s --- "Happy April Fools Day" !!!

Note : For who don't know.. I have this weird habit of innovating new words which of course have no meaning in particular - but would eventually be used by all as a regular expression :) )

Also , my vocabulary of such words is really huge !!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hello.. If you're wondering that the post is about WWF -ROCK .. nope 've got me wrong !!
Read it again ...... its not ROCK MUSIC either .....

One more chance ---- "ROCK (Diamond) IS FOREVER !! "

Haan... Now you are right !!

This month is known for anniversaries (mom n dad ki anniversary ,bhaiya n bhabi(mere dost ke), friends etc.. etc) – and anniversaries means GIFTS !! And then comes the difficult decision abt what to buy your loved ones?

So , here’s this post giving u the BEST TIP on how to please the “woman of your dreams” !!
[NOTE : Dad, Mom ne specially aapko dikhane ke liye kaha tha …]

[For those who cannot read the caption : Say it with the right rock !! ]

Need I say more ?? Get her the ROCK !!

DISCLAIMER: (You mean you read all the way down here? You have stamina!)

This post is mainly for my “girl-friends” out there , pls do show it to your boyfriend and take advantage. After all tumhara hakh banta hai yaar !!!

And to all my “guys – as – friends “ take this add seriously and apni Girl Friend ko khush karo – Mark my words , you’d be in her good books for the rest of your life .. ( tat’s only if you are still alive after buying her one ‘rock')

And not to forget all those who still have to say it to their beloved - say it using the right rock !! (I wonder when I'd be getting mine..sigh!!)

Heera hai sada ke liye ----- So here’s to celebrating your everlasting Love !!!

PS : Any more advice , call me !! TRING TRING

Friday, March 14, 2008

Leaf's departure is because of Wind's pursuit. Or because Tree didn't ask her to stay......

I guess for a few posts from now I’ll be posting some un-original work on my blog. Since we software engineers are best (apart from some work tat we do) at sending what our project managers would call as junk mails.. Sometimes we happen to send a few ones too, which make a lot of sense..

This particular post is also one such mail tat I got from ADI and all the while I was reading the mail many incidents were flashing across my mind … By the end of the mail I knew that this is one such mail that has to be preserved and what better place than my Diary!!!

But yes .. B4 I cut-paste the mail here …Adi dear - thanx for the mail ..

Leaf's departure is because of Wind's pursuit. Or because Tree didn't ask her to stay......

People call me "Tree". I had dated 5 girls when I was in Pre-U. There is one girl who I love a lot but never dared to go after. She didn't have a pretty face, good figure or an outstanding charm. She was just a very ordinary girl. I liked her. I really liked her. I liked her innocence, her frankness, her intelligence and her fragility. Reason for not going after her was that I felt somebody so ordinary like her was not a good match for me. I was also afraid that after we were together all the feelings would vanish. I was also afraid other's gossip would hurt her.

I felt that if she were my girl, she'd be mine ultimately & I didn't have to give up everything just for her. The last reason, made her accompanying me for 3 years. She watched me chase other girls, and I have made her heart cry for 3 years. She was a good actor, and me a demanding director. When I kissed my second girlfriend, she bumped into us. She was embarrassed but smiled & said, "Go on!" before running off. The next day, her eyes were swollen like a walnut. I did not want to know what caused her to cry. Later that day, I returned from soccer training to get something & watched her cry in the classroom for an hour or so. My fourth girlfriend did not like her. There was once when both of them quarreled. I know that based on her character she is not the type that will start the quarrel. However, I still sided my girlfriend. I shouted at her & ignored her feelings and walked off with my girlfriend. The next day, she was laughing & joking with me like nothing happened. I know she was hurt but she did not know deep down inside I was hurt too.

When I broke up with my fifth girlfriend, I asked her out. Later that day, I told her I had something to tell her. I told her about my break up. Coincidentally, she has something to tell me too, about her getting together. I knew who the person was. His pursuit for her had been the talk of the School. I did not show her my heartache, just smiles & best wishes. Once I reached home, I could not breathe. Tears rolled & I broke down. How many times have I seen her cry for the man who did not acknowledge her presence?

During graduation, I read a SMS in my hp. It said, "Leaf's departure is because of Wind's pursuit. Or because Tree didn't ask her to stay"

People call me Leaf. During the 3 years of Pre-U, I was on very close terms with a guy as buddy kind. However, when he had his first girlfriend, I learnt a feeling I never should have learnt - Jealousy. Sourness to the extreme limit. They were only together for 2 months. When they broke up, I hid my happiness. But after a month, he got together with another girl.

I liked him & I know he liked me. But why won't he pursue me? Since he loves me why he didn't he make the first move? Whenever he had a new girlfriend, my heart would hurt. After some time, I began to suspect that this was one-sided love. If he didn't like me, why did he treat me so well? It's beyond what you will normally do for a friend. I know his likes, his habits. But his feelings towards me I can never figure out. You can't expect me a girl, to ask him. Despite that, I still wanted to be by his side. Care for him, accompany him, and love him. Hoping that one day, he will come to love me. Because of this, I waited for him. Sometimes, I wondered if I should continue waiting. The pain, the dilemma accompanied me for 3 years.

At the end of my 3rd year, a junior pursues me. Everyday he pursues me. He's like the cool & gentle wind, trying to blow off a leaf from a tree. In the end, I realized that I wanted to give this wind a small footing in my heart. I know the wind will bring the leaf to a better land. Finally, leaf left the tree, but the tree only smiled & didn't ask me to stay.

Leaf's departure is because of Wind's pursuit. Or cause Tree didn't ask her to stay.

Because I like a girl called leaf. Because she's so dependent on tree, so I have to be a gust wind. A wind that will blow her away. When I first met her, it was 1 month after I was transferred to this new school. I saw a petite person look ing at my seniors & me playing soccer. During ECA time, she will always be sitting there. Be it alone or with her friends, looking at him. When he talks with girls, there's jealousy in her eyes. When he looked at her, there's a smile in her eyes. Looking at her became my habit. Just like, she likes to look at him.

One day, she didn't appear. I felt something missing. I can't explain the feeling except it's a kind of uneasiness. The senior was also not there as well. I went to their classroom, hid outside and saw my senior scolding her. Tears were in her eyes while he left. The next day, I saw her at her usual place, looking at him. I walked over and smiled to her. Took out a note & gave to her. She was surprised. She looked at me, smiled & acceptedthe note.

The next day, she appeared & passedme a note and left. It read, "Leaf's heart is too heavy and wind couldn't blow her away." "It's not that leaf heart is too heavy. It because leaf never want to leave tree." I replied her note with this statement and slowly she started to talk to me & accept my presents & phone calls. I know that the person she loves is not me. But I have this perseverance that one day I will make her like me.

Within 4 months, I have declared my love for her no less than 20 times. Every time, she will divert away from the topic. But I never give up. If I decide I want her to be mine, I will definitely use all means to win her over. I can't remember how many times I have declared my love to her. Although I know, she will try to divert but I still bear a small ray of hope.

Hoping that she will agree to be my girlfriend. I didn't hear any reply from her over the phone. I asked, "What are you doing? How come you didn't want to reply?" She said, "I'm nodding my head". "Ah?" I could n't believe my ears. "I'm nodding my head" She replied loudly. I hang up the phone, quickly changed and took a taxi and rush to her place & press her doorbell. During the moment when she opens the door, I hugged her tightly.

Leaf’sdeparture is because of Wind’spursuit. Or because Tree didn't ask her to stay...

Moral :In love, we win very rarely, but when love is true, even if you lose, you still win just for having the tingle of loving someone more than you love yourself. There comes a time when we stop loving someone, not because that person has stopped loving us but because we have found out that, they'd be happier if we let go....

Why do we close our eyes when we sleep? When we cry? When we imagine? When we kiss? This is because THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN THE WORLD ARE UNSEEN.

There are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind, but keep in mind that letting go isn't the end of the world. It's the beginning of a new life. Happiness lies for those who cry those who hurt, those who have searched and those who have tried.

For only they can appreciate the importance of the people who have touched our lives. A great love? It's when you shed tears and still you care for them, it's when they ignore you and still you long for them. It's when they begin to love another and yet you smile and say, "I'm happy for you." If love fails, set yourself free, let your heart spread its wings and fly again. Remember you may find love and lose it, but when love dies, you never have to die with it.

The strongest people are not those who always win but those who stand back up when they fall.Somehow, along the course of life, you learn about yourself and realize that there should never be regrets, only a lifelong appreciation of the choices you've made.

Loving is not how you forget but how you forgive, not how you listen but how you understand, not what you see but how you feel, and not how you let go but how you hold on. It's more dangerous to weep inwardly rather than outwardly.

Outward tears can be wiped away while secret tears scar forever...
It's best to wait for the one you want than settle for one that's available.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Give value to people who value you

Before I start writing anything in this post ,I'd like to thank my friend Dracula ,my friend from Trianz for having sent me this mail I am going to post here....The reason for me having to post this article here , without any original cotribution from me is that the article speaks for itself and I dont think I 'd have to add any thing more..

It does speak of a very old philosophy in life "Give value to people who value you.. " but more importantly what Iwanted to highlight was let them know you care for them - you value them.
The following is the philosophy of Charles Schultz, the creator of the "Peanuts" comic strip.

You don't have to actually answer the questions. Just read along, and you'll get the point.

1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world.
2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners.
3. Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize.
4. Name the last half dozen Academy Award winners for best actor and actress.
5. Name the last decade's worth of World Series winners.

How did you do?

The point is, none of us remember the headliners of yesterday. They are not second-rate achievers. They are the best in their fields. But the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten. Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners.

Here's another quiz. See how you do on this one:

1. List a few teachers who aided your journey through school.

2. Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time.

3. Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.

4. Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special.

5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.


The lesson: The people who make a difference in your life are NOT the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones who care.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Learn to say 'NO'

After a long gap, I am back again with yet another post. too many things have happened in the last one month of which I wouldnt want to mention here.

But I am glad, I am back to blogging world.

I am not really sure as to why I picked up this topic to voice out my opinion about it, but somehow deep down I felt I should be writing something about it.

So.. What’s the big deal about saying NO? It’s after all a two letter word.. How hard can it be to say NO to someone? Well.. the fact is the smaller the word is, the more difficult it is to say it.

Be it your relatives, friends or peers at office – they might ask you to do something that you might not want to do. Yet saying NO might be harder than simply saying, “I’ll be glad to do it.. “ So what is that makes it so difficult for us to say this two-lettered word? The answer’s pretty simple, because we want people to admire us and like us and accept us and also that we would not like to hurt the feelings of the opposite person.

I say so because, in today’s world many of us grow up to be people pleasers and want the acceptability in a group. And in some cases, we might not just end up doing things we don’t like but we might try to say the right things, wear certain clothes and even pretend to know things to impress others. The word ‘No’ seems to have vanished from our vocabulary and we look for various agreeable ways to make people happy. Sometimes saying ‘NO’ to a person in authority is just not accepted for example your boss at office or an elderly at home.

All this reverts back to the fact that – in all this efforts of pleasing people, where is your self-esteem? Your respect for oneself as well as respect for the other person in the interaction?
If a ‘yes’ can land you into major problems to the detriment of loosing your loved ones’ trust, it’s better to shake hands with ‘no’ and lead a relaxed life.

Infact I feel saying ‘No’ in itself is an art - It is a very difficult task to say ‘no’ when ‘everybody is doing’ a particular thing. But once you have decided that you want to say ‘no’ to peer pressure, you need practice to develop the skill of taking a stand without being branded as stubborn, egoist or aggressive.

This is not about being a person with an 'attitude' who always causes conflict – but its about you behaving ASSERTIVELY when you express your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in direct, honest ways that do not violate another person's integrity.

Someone who is strong, knows what their limitations are, will evaluate what is asked of them and know if they should say YES or NO. For the others the best way would be to be a lil assertive – if you really despise doing what has been asked of you then be polite but direct.

I read this somewhere and agree with it:” What many people don’t realize is that a powerful way of saying no acceptably is to show that you understand the other person’s needs or preferences. This shows that you are thinking not just about yourself, but also about them.”

Make it a project to say, "No," to something every day. Timely no’s will not only gain you respect, but also stand you apart from the crowd and will make ur life less stressful and much simpler.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Saantwana : Utsav - 08

While the new year started with lot of chaos all around the world – we had the assassination of Benazir Bhutto to the Aussie – India incident to elections in Gujarat … all I would like to do is forget about all this and think of yet another episode of Saanthwana and the joy it brought to me, the entire Team Saanthwana and most important the kids from Spoorthi Foundations and Bala Nikethan.

Yes.. I am talking about the event Utsav-08, that had been recently organized by Team Saanthwana to mark an year anniversary of “Homeless..Unwanted” ‘s inception. We named the event as "Utsav" which means "a special occasion" and true to its name it sure was a special occasion for every one who attended it.

The event started with the breakfast for the kids and the program by lightening of the lamp by two amazing kids from each of the Foundations. We had organized a drawing competition for them where they were given an hour’s time to give colors to their dreams and bring them on paper - and the outcome was unbelievable. From beautiful sceneries of mountains n rivers to cartoons of elephants and horses to the Indian flag … everything was captured in the one hrs time. The best drawing was that of the magnificent REDFORT done by Parshuram and was awarded the same.

The later part of the day involved activities like Lemon-Spoon race, Jalebi race, caroms, chess and magic show with each event being enthusiastically participated by them. The highlights of the event was the Singing and Dancing competition and trust me being the judge for the competition I was in a most difficult position. Every performance was better than the previous one and the performers were having a blast swinging to the foot-tapping music. There were times when I felt like throwing away the marks sheet and just join the kids on the dance floor and dance with them.

The girls outsmarted the boys here by winning the best group performance, but then again we had some amazing talent from the boy’s side as well where they won the other major categories.

We also had some stand-up comedy by Nitesh who was judged as the Overall winner of the day and two very beautiful girls Maheshwari and Ratnam being crowned as the princess’s for the day.

The smile on each of their faces said it all… it was not that the event took place without n e problem that speaks for its success but that 100 watt smile on each of their faces. The prizewinners were awarded accordingly for their excellence in the respective fields but then every kid was presented with a school bag as a token of love from Team Saanthwana.The kind of response and enthusiasm that we received not only from the volunteers but also from visiting parents and other well –wishers was heart-warming. I wish to thank each of them from Team Saanthwana ‘s behalf for extending their support to us.

You can visit Saanthwana @ :

Or mail us @ :
For photographs of the event you can visit :