Thursday, January 17, 2008

Saantwana : Utsav - 08

While the new year started with lot of chaos all around the world – we had the assassination of Benazir Bhutto to the Aussie – India incident to elections in Gujarat … all I would like to do is forget about all this and think of yet another episode of Saanthwana and the joy it brought to me, the entire Team Saanthwana and most important the kids from Spoorthi Foundations and Bala Nikethan.

Yes.. I am talking about the event Utsav-08, that had been recently organized by Team Saanthwana to mark an year anniversary of “Homeless..Unwanted” ‘s inception. We named the event as "Utsav" which means "a special occasion" and true to its name it sure was a special occasion for every one who attended it.

The event started with the breakfast for the kids and the program by lightening of the lamp by two amazing kids from each of the Foundations. We had organized a drawing competition for them where they were given an hour’s time to give colors to their dreams and bring them on paper - and the outcome was unbelievable. From beautiful sceneries of mountains n rivers to cartoons of elephants and horses to the Indian flag … everything was captured in the one hrs time. The best drawing was that of the magnificent REDFORT done by Parshuram and was awarded the same.

The later part of the day involved activities like Lemon-Spoon race, Jalebi race, caroms, chess and magic show with each event being enthusiastically participated by them. The highlights of the event was the Singing and Dancing competition and trust me being the judge for the competition I was in a most difficult position. Every performance was better than the previous one and the performers were having a blast swinging to the foot-tapping music. There were times when I felt like throwing away the marks sheet and just join the kids on the dance floor and dance with them.

The girls outsmarted the boys here by winning the best group performance, but then again we had some amazing talent from the boy’s side as well where they won the other major categories.

We also had some stand-up comedy by Nitesh who was judged as the Overall winner of the day and two very beautiful girls Maheshwari and Ratnam being crowned as the princess’s for the day.

The smile on each of their faces said it all… it was not that the event took place without n e problem that speaks for its success but that 100 watt smile on each of their faces. The prizewinners were awarded accordingly for their excellence in the respective fields but then every kid was presented with a school bag as a token of love from Team Saanthwana.The kind of response and enthusiasm that we received not only from the volunteers but also from visiting parents and other well –wishers was heart-warming. I wish to thank each of them from Team Saanthwana ‘s behalf for extending their support to us.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

The Perfect Evening

An evening to remember, an evening to recollect
An evening that seemed just so perfect.
I wish that the time would remain still –
I wish I could see you more – to my hearts fill.

The balloons, the candles
And a table set for two,
Romance filled the air around us
And sweetheart, it was meant just for you.

Those eyes filled with love,
Gazing at me through the candle’s flame
Made me blush scarlet pink,
I’ve captured that moment in a picture frame.

Hand in hand, we sat for hours
Without speaking a word,
And yet this was the best talk I ever had,
Where unspoken words too were heard.

You kept looking into my eyes,
But it felt you were looking into my heart,
We made promises to each other
And without you – my world would fall apart.

Just when you thought
The evening was done
My special plans for you
Had just begun

Beneath the sky with stars shining bright
I knew this was the moment - it had to be tonight.
Expressing my feelings and my love for you
I knelt before you and proposed to you.

At the touch of your hand
My heart skipped a beat,
I remember melting in your arms
You swept me off my feet.

There was something magical about that night,
There s nowhere else I’d want to be.
We are meant to be with each other,
And even the Gods would have to agree.
- Megha.