Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thinking of you ..

Well .. well .. If you've been wondering where I had dissappeared for a while - I was off to Blore for the weekend and what a weekend it was !! Had the best of time wth my friends from Trianz - but more of that later ( a spl post just dedicated to BLore trip with exclusive photos coming soon)...

So what else has been hapeening in my life apart from the usual 9-6.30 job and the amazing trip to Blore ?? Well , there is something really imp shaping up .. so stay tuned to my blog ;)

But for now its just these few words --

Thoughts of you creep into my head,
Late at night as I lay silently in my bed.

I imagine what it'll be like ,
Meeting you for the first time.
Will it all be new and scary ?
Or like I've known you for a lifetime ?

I walk across my room ,thinking of you
How far across you seem to be
I sit and I think,while thinking of you
Are you even thinking of me ?

My stomach aflutter,
with butterfly wings.
Emotions and thoughts,
and so many other things.

Knowing I already like you,
praying you like me too
Hoping to get along fine
I trust in your heart,but do you trust in mine ?

Thoughts of you creep into my head,
Late at nights as I lay silently in bed.

- Megha.

And like I said for more from my side - STAY TUNED TO MEGHA's DIARY !!

Monday, April 14, 2008

To Sonu .. With Love

I don't have anything to say this time - just that 5 years ago , 17th April 2003 I lost my best buddy SONU and I just wanted to dedicate this poem to him .

Sunlight streams through the windowpane,
unto a spot on the floor,
then I remember - it's where you used to lie,
but now you are no more.

I remember how you’d run to me
to play your favorite game,
And how your ears would perk right up
on hearing me call your name.

You’d wake me up each morning,
By licking on my face
You’d run around me in circles;
In your fast pace.

You’d jump on me as soon as I come
We’d roll together on the lawn
If anyone tried to separate us
You'd let out a loud moan.

You always knew;
If I were having a bad day
so you'd snuggle up close to me;
And try to get me to play.

If that didn't work;
You’d put your head in my lap
then make yourself comfortable;
And take a sound nap.

You’d always lend a thoughtful ear,
A problem you’d never miss.
I miss the way, on my cheek
You’d lay a little doggy kiss.

Old habits still make me think ,
I hear a barking at the door.
Or step back when I drop ,
a tasty morsel on the floor.

My feet still go around the staircase
where the food dish used to be,
I still sit on the terrace all alone,
Thinking you are still listening to me.

It still pains me that I was not with you
On your last day
I wish I had one last chance to do something
That would have made you stay.

I wish somehow to tell you,
how empty I now feel.
A part of me went with you,
a part that time can't heal.

Although time may bring new friends
and a new food dish to fill,
that one place in my heart belongs to you
and always will.

-Megha .

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rest In Piece (oops tat was PEACE ) [Part 2]

I haven’t been able to come out of the depression over the loss of my beloved cell phone , but nonetheless I had to write this second part for the previous post – for the particular post would have been incomplete without this continuation.

So , apart from the Obituary I have written here for my love – my CELL PHONE, I had to let my family and friends know about it , so here is the mail that I had sent to all of them.
Vishesh Suchana : Cell Phone ki mrityu
8th April,Infotech Enterprises,Hyd.
Ek vishesh suchana ke anusaar bataya jata hai ke kal shaam 4 'o'clock ko ek durghatana mein Megha ke cell phone ki mrityu ho gayi.
Megha ki sthiti kafi gambhir hai kyon ki cell phone ke saare contact numbers ja chuke hai.
Toh aapse nivedan hai ke - Kripya apna kuch samay cell phone ko shradhanjali arpit karte hue , apna landline yevam mobile number Megha ko neeche diye email id ya phone number pe msg kare.

Email id : or
Phone no : ********** (sorry - dint wanna disclose here )

Now… what do you think were the replies to this mail ..? well … here they are:

IC :
Hum abhi abhi office ko pahunche aur ye sunkar ki aapka mobile ki mrityu ho gayi.. hamko bahut bahut kushi hui…krupaya abhi ek aur ACHCHA mobile kharid le aur usko ACHCHE sa maintain kare..

(well Sweety.. I knew you’d be happy .. u were always Jealous of my phone ..But on a serious note I would definitely want to buy another one if you’ll lend some money ..Kab chale naya phone lane?? )

Suddhu :
(now.. this reply had to be a lil HATKE coz suddhu was the other creative mind in my team back at Blore)
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmm ( tat was OM )
hame atayant dukh hua aapke cell phone ki dhukhad wyatha(condition) sunke cell phone ki jagah(place) to koi nahi le sakta .. par jane wale ko kon rok sakta hai .. ye nashwar yoni(mortal ) hai jisme is dunia me aana .. aur isse jana laga raheta hai .. cristi (nature) ka ye hi niyam hai ...... aapke in dukh ke samay hum aapke saath hai ........

bhagawan aapke cell ki aatma ko shati pradan kare.. aur use moksya ki prapti ho ...
waise ye dukhad ghatna kaise hui jara wistar se varnan kijia ..
hum aake nae cell ke lambi umar ki aur ugwal bawish ki kamna karte hai ....

Divi :
“Oh ho! Bahut dukh hua. Ye achanak kaise ho gaya? Aap apna khayal rakhna. Asha karti hoon ki aap sadme se bahar nikal gayi ho .”

Dr MohanPyaare :
“Hame bahut gam hua apke Chalti Phirti Doorvaani yatntra ki mrityu ke bare mein jankar...bhagwan aapko is bure vakt se jhujne ki himat de.”

aapke cell phone ki mrityu ki khabar sunke hamein behat dukh hua... shaayad aapko andaaza hain ki hamari unse kitna gehra rishtha tha. hum alpapindum mein jaa rahein hain, aisa lagta hain...”

----------- Now , apart from these heart-warming messages I feel its important to tell you how my parents took this news .

I had made mom read the post and her immediate reaction was (mind you, she dint even complete reading the post.. she was still in the middle)

WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY YOU”VE NEVER TOLD ME ABT ?? WHAT S THIS? ( more than the words her expressions would have made you laugh )

Also , another well – wisher YEDA was sweet enough to mail me his condolence .It went as follows :

“a bee yedii... teri thoo... kya bee story banaa kee rakhi ree voo.. Cell Phone see pyar, kaise bee logg hein ree baava.. yee Cell love kya hotha ree bhaii.. ??

india aanedhe mujhe, tere bee accident karvaadoonga mein.. yedi yedi,, yedi kahinkii...”
(What a lovely well wisher na – kya kahoon hum dono ki dosti hai hi itni pyaari )

Baki logon ne sahaubhuti jatate hue – apne cell phone numbers hume bheje .In sabhi messages ke liye aap sabko humari taraf se dhanyavaad .

Keep in touch --- n this time I’ll make sure my love s with me through out my life :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rest In Peace(my love) - An Obituary .

My brother introduced us to each other during my final year of Engg ; I still remember the day . He had told me about his arrival long ago but his coming to Hyd had been postponed for some reason I cannot recall now …

Finally, the day arrived and I was informed that he would be coming home. At last, I was going to meet about whom I had heard so much, and had longed to be with. I came home early that day from college (well.. it was obvious that I was restless the whole day at college ). So, I reach home and there he was sitting with my bro. I was so happy on seeing him that I stole him away from my brother and ran-off with the intention of spending time with just him and nobody disturbing us.

We immediately hit it off… a sort of special bonding formed between us…when he was with me I never felt the need to look around and this helped me to concentrate on the little studies that I managed to do… Well .. he was a lil dark , but I guess that’s what made him more attractive to me .. I still remember Gagan ,IC and other friends feel jealous coz I would try spending all my time with him ..Be it short break, or the lunch – every free time I got from the classes were dedicated to him and only him …

Even after reaching home , I would dedicate most of my free hours to him – so much that mom n dad would get really angry with me for spending so much time with him.

And why shouldn't he deserve all the attention he got?? He did so much for me .. he would listen to me when I wanted to talk for hours .. Sing my fav songs to me, leave me love notes, sometimes he even took snaps for me …no matter how I behaved – how many ever tantrums I did , he would always support me in everything. He showered with so much love and affection that I can never thank him enough for it …

My friends would say I can get a better one – they gave me 101 advices to keep me away from him but nothing could separate us. Our love for each other was so true that I never really cared for any one else.

In all this 2 and half years that I have known him, my love for him increased with every moment I spent with him.I cannot think of any moment where I was angry with him and dint want to see him …

I can recall another incident in B’lore where Rohit had taken him away for a nite-out.That was one of the worst nites of my life , I couldn't sleep all nite and kept thinking about him all nite and trust me the next day happened to be the worst day in Rohit’s life . Even today I cannot spare Rohit was keeping me away from my love.

Such was our love for each other …

But today … he’s met with an accident. And as I write this, I have tears in my eyes. Every attempt to revive him has been in vain. Any number of attempts to bring him back in to my life has become unsuccessful.

I have to bid him goodbye.. Its time I should let go off him ..

Everyone’s saying I’ll find another one – a better one perhaps, but deep down in my heart I know I am never going to find anyone else who is so caring, loving, affectionate …I know I cannot love anyone else as much as I love him ..

Hope your soul rests in peace and remember that there is this girl who always loved you no matter what happened.

I am going to miss you .. I always love you my dear CELL PHONE !!

PS : A request to all my friends , pls mail me / msg me your contact numbers as I have lost all the numbers :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Are you a "SYMPRA" ?

It was just another ordinary day at college,where you'd find IC (or Stuart Little) and me standing in the corridor and checking out our DUMB coll guys (well.. there was nothing like checking out the guys coz they were really DUMB ... but I just felt like writing ;) )

Yeah.. so we were kinda getting bored and then suddenly I had this wicked grin on my face,IC knew there was something going on in my mind.The next few mins were spent in planning the conspiracy but the problem we were facing was - who would be the "BAKRA" ??

All decided, we walked into the classroom and Aha ... there she is , our very own sweet and adorable Vids ( who by the way was busy copying an already copied assignment ). So, with the most innocent expressions on our faces we sat on either side of her and the following conversation took place -

ME : Vids .. busy ?? We need to tell you something.

VIDS : (without lifting her her.. still copying ) Yeah .. keep talking ..

IC : Vids , we heard these CSE guys .. well.. we don't really know them .. but we heard them say u know ... Megs .. tu continue yaar.. I really cant tell her ....

ME : Er... Me ??? No .. Tu bol.. Its not really good ...

[ Finally , this distracts Vids from the assignment and she looks up]

VIDS : Girls , what is it that you are trying to say ?

ME : We heard these guys say something they shouldn't have said . Its not good , you see . I wonder what made them say so . I am sorry dear .

IC : Yeah .. N I wish I knew those guys .. couldn't even see their faces ( with a disappointed look on her face ) .

[By now.. Vids seems a lil worried and confused ]

VIDS : Would just come to the point and tell me straight away what those guys said ?

ME : ( With the most innocent expression ) they called you a "SYMPRA".

VIDS : A what ??

IC : Yeah .. A SYMPRA ...

VIDS : [who was all the more confused now.. ] Whats a SYMPRA ?

IC : Er... SYMPRA ?? You don't know what a SYMPRA means ?

ME : Seriously ??

VIDS : Yeah .. Tats not even a word ..

IC : ( with a sorry face ) No yaar ... It is .. Now how do we tell you what it means.. I cant.. I really cant . All we can tell you is its really bad ...

ME : Hmm.. IC's right .

[This discussion went on for another 2 mins , until she turned to YEDA and asked him ..]

VIDS : oye , what does a SYMPRA mean ?

Well .. he too had no clue what sympra really meant .. And soon, the "SYMPRA" issue spread faster than fire and by evening the whole class was trying to find out what it meant.

The next day , (with help from Google as well as Oxford dictionary )since everybody had conceded defeat in tracing out the meaning of the word (which we were so confidant about ) , our hard work ( yes.. I call it hard work , coz it was really difficult to control ourselves) was rewarded as YEDA presented us with TEMPTATIONS.

YEDA : Yeah . So whats SYMPRA ?

VIDS : Haan re.. I am really worried now.. I've tried tracking down the guys too ( which by the way we had provided her with false descriptions ) but was unable to ...

What is it girls ???

IC and ME : Well.. Its actually NOTHING .. and like you said .. its not even a word until now ...
It was just another word ( which of course is the innovation of MEGs ) we wanted to fool you with .. but dint know we'd end up fooling majority of the class ... :)

Trust me .. we really had to do odd things for the rest of the day to save ourselves from their wrath ... But I would never forget this incident - It was our way of celebrating "All Fools Day" ( April 1st ).

That was then .. and now after 5 years since then another April 1st went by ,but this time it was just another ordinary day at work .

I miss college days . I miss the pranks we played in college . I miss my friends.

N e ways .. here s wishing all the "SYMPRA"s --- "Happy April Fools Day" !!!

Note : For who don't know.. I have this weird habit of innovating new words which of course have no meaning in particular - but would eventually be used by all as a regular expression :) )

Also , my vocabulary of such words is really huge !!!