Monday, June 16, 2008

Saanthwana:Baggi's Bday Celebrations

To keep you posted with Saanthwana events - I am here posting the pictures of the event recently organised by Team Saanthwana on June 10th on the occasion of our founder J.Bhagirath's birthday.

Kids fom Spoorthi and Aaradhna Foundations were invited and needless to say the day was a memorable one - except the fact that Baggi was being missed by one and all.

With the hopes that Team Saathwana would continue to walk on the path shown by you , I wish your soul rests in peace dear bro . I miss you .

"Aapa" forever.

Request to all :
Pease visit the website for the latest on Saanthwana.
Also , in case you want to contribute to Saanthwana and be a part of it , please transfer your tokens of love to the following bank account. Your help would be appreciated.

Name of the Bank : State Bank Of Hyderabad,Vidyanagar branch.
Account Number : 62057354453

Come be a part of the joy !!