Saturday, April 4, 2009

The reason behind my sleepless nights ...

This time I dedicate my blog to someone who s been the reason for my sleepless nites and endless thoughts for quite sometime …

Yes… You’ve read it right !! There is someone who is on my mind always – where ever I go , my eyes keep searching for his presence and before you get started thinking on who this ‘someone’ is …I have to tell you that I finally found him crawling creepily on the wall of my room –

EWWWW – the Lizard !!!

Its neither letting me sleep nor allowing me run out of the room ( coz its very close to the door and I wouldn’t want it to fall on me during my attempt to run out of the room).Dont think I haven’t tried the HUSH HUSH .. CHU CHU .. or the CLAP CLAP things ??

I did .. But all attempts in vain .. 

Infact on one of such attempts – it actually came crawling more into the room instead of going out .. DAMN IT !!

And looks like both of us would be spending the rest of the night staring at each other and keep ourselves away from each other …

The battle is on !! And I wont rest till I drive it out of my room .. (although I lack the morale for doing it ) ..If not driving out – I m sure I wont let it cross the wall n come n e where close to me !!

And I so wish Bhavana and Apo were home – coz like me Bhav ‘s is scared of lizard and she wouldn’t have rested until Apo would drive it out of the house .. I miss u Bhavana !!I wish you were here !!

N e ways .. Its now 12 30 and looks like this is goin to continue for the rest of the nite !!

Wish me luck !!