Monday, January 26, 2009

Come ,Walk with me ...

Aha .. two posts on the same day.. Today is some lucky day !!

Finally I am back to writing poems again..I am so glad :)

So here s the new one -

Come walk with me just one more mile
Before we call it quits
Forget about the broken dreams
Now broken into bits.

My emotions may get strong on me
But don’t you walk away
Hold on to me and keep me close
Don’t you let me stray

Put one more foot out, forward
without which I’d regret
So lets keep our eyes locked to the front
Coz we are not finished yet.

Lets keep moving on the road ahead
Not think of whats left behind
Coz if we keep moving
Our destiny we might find

We might find few surprises
that might even make you smile
Might even see life clearer
While walking for a while.

We might even find some pieces
That we missed along the way
Or some new ones that are better
To use another day.

So another mile together
Can I walk with you?
One more little effort
Before we bid adieu….

- Megha

BREAKING NEWS : Earthquake at Somajiguda,Hyderabad

In a recent update from our correspondent – an Earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale hit on Sunday afternoon at 2 ‘ o clock at Somajiguda ,one of the prime locations in Hyderabad.

The Epicenter of the quake was traced to Flat no 206,Fern hill apartments.

On further investigations it was revealed that what seemed to be an earthquake was merely a dancing session in progress for the Ladies practicing for the Sangget ceremony of Apoorv & Bhavana to be held in March.

No casualties or geological disasters have been reported so far, but the residents around Fern hill have been warned about such frequent tremors as the practice sessions may go on for the coming whole month . Infact , it has been alerted that the intensity may increase towards the end of March.

ONE MORE WORD from me and I m sure I’ll be Dead meat by tomorrow … hehe

Well yes – the Sangeet practices have started and today the momies rocked the dance floor!! They’ve just surprised us all by their performance ..


N not just the mom’s .. spl mention of Apo here .. he been practicing too .. N must say for someone I thought had two left feet is dancing really well …!!

Jai ho Bhavana bhabi ki !!

More on the Sangeet practices.. to be put up soon ….

Btwn – I m just dying for the grand finale – for the lovely songs we’ll be performing on!!

Until next post ..Ciao!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Missing Pieces

Ok … My last post would have summed up that I am frustrated to the core – mainly having nothing to do ( apart from waitng for my IELTS results – which by the way came out really well coz I scored 8/9 ..Yay me for that !!)

Haan toh I was saying ke I had nothing interesting to do plus the lousy year of 2008 ended with me getting Gastro- something n keeping me bedridden for some days …So just to keep myseld occupied I got this Jigsaw puzzle for a cute lil friend of mine …Huge puzzle it is with almost 1000 pieces …

This particular puzzle has been a challenge because of the large number of pieces and very few pieces which can be fitted together easily. I’m still working on the puzzle, by the way. Fitting the pieces together is going extremely slow. Sometimes I even find myself getting upset because I’m not able to find an exact piece for an exact space!

One space is absolutely driving me nuts! I’ve been trying to find the piece almost since I first started putting the puzzle together! Funny how one little piece in a puzzle can make you feel like pulling your hair out! Who knows, maybe the piece is missing. So I may never find that piece by the time the puzzle is done. It may have to simply be a missing piece. Anyway, I definitely need to relax about it! 8D

At the same time I started putting the puzzle together, I was also trying to put together some of the pieces in my life! Pieces that don’t make sense to me, pieces that I want to put into the empty spaces in my life, so I can see the complete picture and have everything fit snugly and all together.

As I went back to working on the puzzle, I remembered another piece in the puzzle that had been driving me crazy! I looked for it for a couple of days, but could not find it. Then just today evening, I looked straight down and saw the puzzle piece! It was right in front of me!

Isn’t that like life?
All the answers scrambled in front of us with no particular directions. Sometimes we search for the answer and it is right in front of us! The whole time we were hunting in far away places, asking others, reading books, and other material, trying to try to figure things out! When all we had to do was be quiet for a little while before the piece would have fallen into place.

Of course, we all want to see the big picture for our lives and the reasons why certain things go wrong or awry, but sometimes we never find all the pieces.

So a few things tat I realized were :

--> When the puzzle box is first opened you can’t see the whole picture.
--> Remember that every one’s puzzle is different; so don’t try to fit other’s pieces into your puzzle.
--> Expect there to be missing pieces and learn to live with it. You’ll only produce baldness by pulling your hair out, not answers :P
--> Be grateful for the pieces of life’s puzzles that fit and be satisfied with it.
--> Be more patient, some things take more time and come harder. Easier said than done, but it is good advice.

and most important FOLLOW UR HEART - It will def lead you on the right path :)

Woah !! that was definitely loads of gyan !!

Until next time ...bbye
Cheers !!

PS : Please pray for my speedy recovery - I m tired of sitting at home while others are busy shopping for the wedding!!