Monday, January 26, 2009

Come ,Walk with me ...

Aha .. two posts on the same day.. Today is some lucky day !!

Finally I am back to writing poems again..I am so glad :)

So here s the new one -

Come walk with me just one more mile
Before we call it quits
Forget about the broken dreams
Now broken into bits.

My emotions may get strong on me
But don’t you walk away
Hold on to me and keep me close
Don’t you let me stray

Put one more foot out, forward
without which I’d regret
So lets keep our eyes locked to the front
Coz we are not finished yet.

Lets keep moving on the road ahead
Not think of whats left behind
Coz if we keep moving
Our destiny we might find

We might find few surprises
that might even make you smile
Might even see life clearer
While walking for a while.

We might even find some pieces
That we missed along the way
Or some new ones that are better
To use another day.

So another mile together
Can I walk with you?
One more little effort
Before we bid adieu….

- Megha


Psychedelic Insomniac said...

Very nice!

Keep writing...

adhishg said...

simply the simplicity in words and emotions...the feel when you read it makes you kinda happy though the topic is rather serious :) keep it up...