Friday, May 23, 2008

Memories Revisited (part 2)

Saturday. 26th April.

We had plans of starting early that day with the intention of spending the entire day in the cool waters of Sangam , but fate had some other plans for us . Due to the amazing navigation skills of Siri and Feroz and lil sense of direction of Madhu (well, I cant really blame the poor guy – he dint have much clue abt the city) there was a nice mix-up and poor Madhu even after coming to Blore early in the morning could make it to the guy’s “adda” only at 10.

Packed into a Qualis. Ten of us.We hit Kanakpura Road at about 12 in the afternoon. It was very hot and it looked like the “suraj bhagwaan” was in his full form.But ,we were lucky that he changed his minds!
As we made our way towards Sangama (confluence point of the Cauvery and Arkavathi) about 100 kms from Bangalore, we were treated to some lovely weather. The sun played hide and seek for some time. There’s beautiful scenery on both sides of the road(except that the road was not that good).
[ @ Sangam - the guys having fun ]
Unfortunately, it is littered with plastic and is quite dirty. The journey in this case is actually much more beautiful than the destination.

Now since we started late , by the time we reached we were all very hungry – and guess what aaj ka khana ladkon ne banaya tha :) Yummy food the guys made – totally loved it !!
[ @ Sangam again - few more shots ]

After lunch, we got into the Cauvery river (couldn’t help noticing that even near the water, it was all dirty). People obviously have a good time here and don’t bother to clean up after they leave. Even campaigns like this have not helped increase people’s awareness towards the environment(although I made sure that my gang dint litter around - they knew I would turn wild if I’d see them litter the place.)

Our actual plan was to visit Mekedatu (Goat’s leap) which is 4 kms walk from Sangam. Due to the intense heat of Sun god, we decided to spend most of our time at Sangam itself. Though the water level was only up to waist (except few places where it was chest deep) level, it was flowing with good speed. We needed to be little careful to make sure that we don’t slip off the stones and hurt ourself.We sat in that pool of water for a couple of hours singing, shouting, playing, just staying quite ......and it really was a great experience.

Infact we also ended up playing cricket and I must say we girls were so much better than the guys !! (We never gave them a chance to bowl or bat – they were meant only for fielding … hehehe )[Unfortunately we forgot to take the pics then :(]

And since everyone (excluding me ofcourse) in the group were lazy to trek – we took the bus uphill .Well, this journey in the bus was no less than trekking – imagine an old wrek carrying about 60 odd ppl with no place to stand and the route being really horrible .Personally I would have preferred the climb but these lazy bones!!!!

Snaps in order : Snap 1,2,3,4 - Mekadattu
Snap 5 : Satish and Kondal striking a pose :P
Snap 6 : Our Gang @ mekadattu

The final destination was good – although it exactly was not a place for us to camp ( it had loads of monkeys). I was busy admiring the place when suddenly I felt someone jump behind me .I turned only to find 2 monkeys staring at me.It nearly took me by surprise – I was at the edge of the cliff and you had this water flowing below with lots of force and I must confess I had no clue what I would do if it had come n e more near me..

And all it cared for was a last saved biscuit packet!!

Horrid monkey!!

Well , with the monkey adventure behind us – we left Mekadattu and left for Chinchu falls (it was getting dark by then).We were a bit sceptical abt the presence of water there. When we reached the place, we couldn’t find any water in the vicinity. But there were these couples who were enjoying themselves there . For couples it doesnt matter whether water exists or not , for them each other exist and thats enough ;)

We walked back towards our Qualis and it was like a huge trek back to the place.

Though all of us were a little tired, we still had that last dreg of enthusiasm left and soon got down at this place on the way back which seemed like brick kilns in the middle of the fields and took a couple of snaps !!

[snap 1 : On the roads !!! Snap 2 : Teddy n me @ war !! snap 3 : My deepest desire , killing feroz ..:P ]
On the way back to Bangalore we had a great ride , especially at the time of sun set . I was just watching sun going down and the different colours in the sky. It was a great sight to see blue sky as background over the green fields and watching the white birds flying against the orange sun. It was just tooooooo good.

Hoping to have many many more such trips with my gang(seems to be sort of impossible since most of us are inline to get married soon :()

Three cheers Satish,Feroz and the gang ...... But for u guys i wud have missed so much in life.....

[ some more pics ............. ]

PS : You must be wondering if I did any shopping , well Blore visit w/o shopping I s incomplete so don’t worry I would never do such a blunder . I did end doing lots of shopping there (if I would have returned empty handed my office frnds Sandhya and Padmini would have slaughtered me and I had no intentions of dying without getting married!!!)

Memories Revisited (part 1)

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa ……

Time for another post … ab I know that the frequency of my posts have reduced but you must understand yaar – ab meri engagement hogayi hai and I will have some useful work to do like talking over the phone, talking over the phone and talking over the phone ;)

So, kindly adjust. :) And like I had promised you , I am now going update you with my Blore trip ...

First of all , we had been planning for this trip for a long time now , but due to Dad's health and then office work I would always end up cancelling it ( much to Siri's disappointment).But this time I had made up my mind that this trip would be a success .

Now, I hadnt been to Blore after I moved out from there in Nov last year and so technically this was goin to be my first visit after I quit Trianz and you can easily guess that I was at the peak of excietment from a week before the scheduled departure.
The whole journey to Blore in the train went with me and Siri reminiscing the good ol'days we spent last year together with our gang at Blore. Needless to say both of us spent the whole night talking about hostel days , the night outs , shopping sprees , Trianz - our SCOSTA team ,our Gang , the weekend trips out of BLore , cafeteria gossips ... almost everything .

I was in Blore for 3 days(25ht April to 27th April) – but I must say even those 3 days weren’t sufficient for me and my heart longed for more .

So – what fun did I have there ??

Well, for starters, I went back to my old hostel – felt so unusual. The same old place, your beds, your cupboards but just that somebody else was using them now and I must say I was not pleased with the person using it.…(my heart was aching to see my bed all cramped up with useless stuff) . But the highlight of the stay at hostel was that because of our stay(I am giving this entire credit to Siri and me - so the others chill !!), the entire hostel junta got yummy food for the weekend :) hehehe …

Then we got a chance to visit Trianz . It was so odd – you walk into the company you’ve worked for (infact first job in my case) but this time with a VISITORS PASS !! :(

Nevermind –my joy knew no bounds when the first person I ran into was none other than Harry Potter ( Deepak Kemchemba) , my PM at Trianz . Then just like old days I went about the entire office meeting everyone - disturbing them from their work (well.. I dint mind doing it - I was used to it you see , I used to do this a lot during my Trianz Days for Cultural events work). It was so fun meeting everyone .

Then came the sad part - when I visited my floor and my cubicle( I call it "THE DEN", it was here that I spent my time thinking of innovative ideas).Once full of life – it was now dead with no one occupying it .

Those were the days – when it was alive with posters that I used to design with upcoming Cultural events in the office , with "post its" of some quotes I loved , photographs and loads of other smart cards stuff around my system…. My Den was empty now - lifeless like I said. (although I doubt , if I could bear anyone else occupying it) .

And there was this visit to the cafeteria – where I am still remembered as “Raichur madam” and unlike others I was treated to the mast buttermilk that I loved during my days at Trianz.

I loved my visit to Trianz – it really did take me back to the days I can never forget – days of unlimited fun with my team, SCOSTA LAB, smart card work, cultural team events, cafeteria gup-shup and so much more … I miss Trianz, I miss my friends there !!

Snaps in order from top :
Snap 1 : My Den - now lifeless :(
Snap 2 : Me in my Den
Snap 3 : My Gang in cafeteria
Snap 4 : Again - with gang in the cafeteria
Snap 5 : Good old days - my SCOSTA team ( my last day @ Trianz )

Oh yeah - I forgot to mention the wonderful lunch that I had with my hostel gang ( Usha will kill me if I dont mention it , you see it was her treat :P)

Snaps in order from top :
Snap 1 : Pratibha , Siri and Mallika
Snap 2 : Teddy doing her best job - mujhe khana khilana :)
Snap 3 : With Teddy , Tina and Usha.
Snap 4 : Yummyyyy ... my ice cream ( I dont remember the name though ... but I do remember Teddy attacking my ice cream for her stupid alphonso ice cream wasnt good enough !! )

Enough of Trianz and Trianz junta ki baatien - next is the trip to Sangam , Meka Dattu and Chinchu falls with my Gang . :)

Coming up in next post !!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yohoooooooooo..... :)

Hello dear Junta – I am back again with yet another post :)

The last week had been really hectic and I had no time to spend updating the blog – I have a lots n lots of stuff to update u abt ..Like I said an exclusive post abt Blore trip and haan - the imp event that was to happen …

Well – First things first … the imp event did happen but I wouldn’t wanna share it this way – still working on how to put that post coz its one special one – so u’ll have to wait a lil longer ;)

So wait till the next post !!!