Monday, February 22, 2010


She is sitting in the park; the same place like everyday.

Looking at the watch, getting restless and waiting ….

She is walking through the same route like everyday turning back now and then ... restless....

Even the coffee at her favorite coffee joint doesn’t seem to taste good – something s wrong. Her eyes seem to be searching for someone…

Yes .. she is searching for someone and his absence today is making her restless.

And then suddenly from no where she finds a mobile phone on her table .Where did it come from? Who put it there?

Slowly she picks it up and is surprised to see its contents.

She finds a picture of her at the park bench waiting earlier that day.
Next, a picture of her turning back to see if she s being followed.
Next, a picture of her sitting at the same coffee table having her coffee …

What is this?What do all these pictures mean ?Who took them ?

BEEEP – New Message – One more picture – its now her sitting with some guy at the same coffee table …. Eh ?? what could this mean ?

She slowly brings down the phone her pulse increasing with every second.Is it right what the picture s showing ?

Sitting rite opposite to her on the same table was the one her eyes were searching all day.

She was caught red- handed!!


That was just one of scenes that I had to shoot for a short film IDHAZH .

Yes – You read it right – I worked in a short film , the girl in the above scene s ME .. ME .. ME .. :P

And I might not have done a good job writing about the scene here , its much better to watch it - but no harm in trying...hehe...

DREAM ON STUDIOS present ..... IDHAZH .. a film by Sharath and Anucharan.

Thats the poster for the film .. Cute aint it ?

It’s a love story , 12 mins and I had a rocking time shooting it with Sharath and Anu.

And like any actress promoting her film – I’ll say the guys have done a fantastic job - coz shooting a film where the faces are not being shown and emotions like love, anger ,sadness all being expressed just by the use of hands is difficult.

Kudos to Sharath and Anu . You guys did a rocking job.

And now the links for the film itself :

Part 1 :
Part 2 :

Do watch it and like always do not forget to leave comments : )


syalini said...

And don forget de other hero too ;-)

Megs said...

Of course ... but hes the suspense behind the entire story :)

Shiv said...

Simple Awesome !!!

But how can you say its 'you' in the movie? We cant see the girls picture in it :P hehehe

Just kidding.

All the best.

ameya said...

wow.... so i know an actress :D :D
ma'am...autograph plsss.....

wen is the pic releasing?? is it the same one u said ur cousin was shooting in sydney?? since i saw the harbour bridge on the poster...

pavan kunch said...

Nice Post:-)