Saturday, July 4, 2009

How hard will it be till that day ?

I will light a candle every night,
I will hold my tears and stop cry...
I know love excited somehow,
I know faith will lead us someday ..
I miss you today even more than yesterday,
My heart still burning when you are away...
Cant say a thing but still feel you here ,
Somehow beside me through the storm .....

How hard will it be till that day ?????


My Dreams For Sale said...

Hi Megha.. Two minutes back i first read a poem of your and two minutes since then i am writing you a comment.

Its quite coincidental how i came across your blog. But it surely took me back a few years.

Your style of writing and the usages really made me remember someone very close to me during my college days. In fact it was that person who also made me start scribbling a few things which i still believe is not worth an eye.

Frankly.. Your writing style i admire, your thoughts i respect and ur smile i love. Keep writing. Please..


pavan kunch said...

Well written...Stylish